Nutritionist on Staff

Cutting Through Nutrition Confusion, Connecting You to a Healthy, Vibrant, Fun Life!

Work with our nutritionist to discover healthy eating choices and develop a nutritional plan.  Set goals to create health and wellness with the support you need to succeed.  Learn to feed your body to improve your workout and enhance your overall fitness level.

How We Implement Our Approach -The Six Elements in Our Programs:

1) Micronutrient and other Blood Testing and Report

What nutrient reserves do you have in your cells? We offer micronutrient blood tests that help us identify any deficiencies that are contributing to health issues or symptoms. We also offer additional blood panels as needed.  An extensive Blood Testing Report is included.

2) Diet Analysis with Report

An analysis of your current diet, detailing your macro and micronutrient intake, and how it may relate to any health issues or goals.  This helps us assess how we might adjust your diet most effectively to get you to wellness.

3) Journaling

We use a weekly journal as the basis for understanding your current diet and lifestyle.  You record details about sleep, exercise, food etc. and we use this to understand where you are with your diet today and how we can best help you.  There is strong research around the benefits of journaling for accountability, both to yourself and to your coach, to produce great results.

4) Nutrition Recommendations

Our recommendations to you are based on your journal, diet analysis and blood testing as well as what we know about you.  We aim to help you reach your goals by addressing any nutrient deficiencies, providing suggestions for meal planning and recipes as well as supplements to support you.

5) Education & Resources

We dive into different topics during your sessions so that you are empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions and take control of your own wellness. We have a recipe book, meal plans, and nutrition plan plus other resources to support you as needed.

6) Coaching & Break the Yoyo Diet Cycle

We help you work through changes addressing both the practical and the emotional aspects so that you can create new habits that last a lifetime. If you are caught in the yoyo diet cycle we can help you break free and release the grip food has on you, stop turning to food for comfort, maintain your ideal weight and become comfortable and confident in your body.  Motivation, accountability and encouragement.

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